A downloadable game for Windows

Made @ Global Game Jam 2017

Hey, this is the first time I've attempted to make a full game by myself on GM:S! I worked on this at my spare time at GGJ17 (I was staff and collecting data for my thesis so I ended up being kinda busy). I plan to update the UI, instructions, add music + sound effects, and balance/remove some mechanics since it's pretty messy right now! If you're not used to using WASD + mouse at the same time then it might get tough... I only got a chance to test it with other people after the game jam finished, but for the sake of honesty (and self motivation) I wanted to upload what I did within the jam's timeframe. Also, this is my first time making pixel stuff from scratch so please bear with me!


Zen Frog's been cornered by his dart-throwing enemies, and he needs to get his zen on and concentrate to fully reach tranquility and (somehow) escape his captors, or die trying. You can click on the water to make ripples that block the darts, but the ripples can damage you as well so you need to make them away from you. You charge the tranquility meter by standing still or hitting darts with the ripples. Also, every 15 seconds, the stage gets smaller so you need to work fast!

Movement - WASD
Ripples - Left click

StatusIn development
Release date Jan 22, 2017
TagsGlobal Game Jam, Pixel Art, waves
Average sessionA few minutes


zenfrog.rar 2 MB

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